Buffalo Pepin Literacy Alliance (BPLA) has made some significant changes in recent weeks.  Steven “Yata” Peinovich has after serving for four years as our organizations President has stepped down.  The new BPLA President is Sarah Sabelko, a teacher at the Durand-Arkansaw School District.  Filling the office of Vice-President is Marilyn Sinz, a retired teacher and recipient of the BPLA Volunteer of the Year award two years ago for her work as a tutor.  Taking over the responsibilities as Secretary is Rita Magno, the Alma Public Librarian.  Remaining as the BPLA Treasurer is Carol K. Bauer, who has held this office for seven years since retiring from the Pepin County Clerk’s Office.

Gwen Sweeny, who has served for the past three and one half years as the Director and Outreach Coordinator, will take on the new role of Coordinator of Academic Achievement Testing beginning in January.  Filling her position as BPLA Directdebhead18or and Outreach Coordinator is Debra Fisher.

Debra (Lauer)Fisher returns to Pepin County after a 23 year leave of absence.  Debra holds a B.A. in Theatre and Speech Communication and a M.A. in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction.  She splits her time between the BPLA and substitute teaching for local school districts.

Debra, Gwen and Sarah will be meeting this week to discuss  future plans for the BPLA  in 2019.



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