Annual Recognition Luncheon 2017

“The Buffalo Pepin Literacy Alliance (BPLA) hosted its Annual Recognition Luncheon at the Cell Block in Durand on Friday, March 31. That afternoon, the group recognized some of its dedicated learners, tutors, and volunteers. “

“Goals include developing an ELL Learning Center in Alma, exploring a new location where childcare can be provided for learners, beginning job seeking classes in the Buffalo County Jail, and an upcoming fundraising activity (date to be announced.)”

“The next BPLA meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 8, at the Alma Library at 10 a.m”

Photo and excerpts from an article by By Laura Berndt, The Courier-Wedge.


Amy’s success is a success for the whole community!

Amy's a SuccessAs a middle school student, Amy struggled with her health. During her 8th grade year, Amy missed over half of the school year due to illness. Amy’s family began home schooling Amy in 9th grade to help her catch up, but soon school had to be put on the back burner. Amy’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and she had to help the family. These family situations did not allow her to graduate with her class. After Amy surpassed these difficulties she came to Buffalo Pepin County Literacy Alliance (BPLA) to fulfill her dreams. She wanted to complete her GED to go to college, not only for herself, but also for her three boys. We matched her with a trained volunteer tutor, Jan. They worked together for several hours every week. Today, Amy has her GED and is successfully enrolled in and completing the Industrial Mechanic courses at Chippewa Valley Technical College. She plans to complete this degree and also complete the Electrical Power Distribution program. None of this would have been possible without the help of a trained tutor from BPLA and the funding of people like you.

BPLA volunteers provide tutoring that helps improve reading levels, math skills, and technology skills for adults of all ages!

Please consider making a donation to the Buffalo Pepin Literacy Alliance (BPLA) and support individuals in our community such as Amy. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation helps advance successful careers within our local communities.


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